The Most Popular Roulette Strategies

Roulette online is the game of chance par excellence. Accordingly, mathematicians and gamblers have been worrying for centuries whether there is a strategy to beat the system. We looked at the most popular roulette strategies and rated them. However, there is no such thing as the perfect roulette system. We give you useful information and instructions for each roulette system and tips on which strategy you can use safely and which one is better not,!


The Martingale strategy is probably the most famous roulette system and promises the player guaranteed winnings with no risk of loss. With this system, you bet on simple odds and try to make up for your losses by doubling your bets.


Like Martingale, the Paroli strategy is a progressive betting system where you have to adjust your bets depending on the loss or profit. The Paroli system tries to take advantage of Martingale’s weakness and thereby create an advantage for the player. You keep playing with the stake, and 1: 1 wins until you lose. Then start again with your basic bet.


The Parlay Strategy is a betting system that is not only used for roulette but also blackjack or sports and horse betting. It is another progressive betting system where you increase your stake after winning. However, the Parley system is based on occasionally securing profits to ultimately be in the black and avoid losses.


The Labouchère Roulette System, also known as the skimmer progression, was developed by a British politician and hobby player who has enjoyed great success for many years with the tactics named after him. Today the strategy counts as one of the most popular among ambitious roulette players and is regarded as one of the most promising systems ever.

The dozen grids

The dozen grid is a roulette strategy by the German engineer Wilhelm Ernst. He claims to have been going to the casino regularly for many years and has never lost his developed gaming method. It should be no surprise that he offers this as a roulette strategy book for sale on the Internet.

The engineer follows the assumption that certain groups of numbers are preferred over a certain period and describes how you can determine which ones are current.

Reverse Fibonacci

This roulette strategy is named after the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci and his infinite number sequence, the Fibonacci sequence. The reverse Fibonacci strategy for roulette is a positive bet progression, in which the next bet is always calculated from the two previous bets.


The D’Alembert strategy is considered one of the most beginner-friendly roulette systems and can be learned in a few minutes. Here, too, a series of numbers is used, whereby the bet is increased by one unit after each loss, and the bet is reduced by one unit after each win.


In contrast to almost all of the other strategies presented here, the Shotwell System is a tactic that has nothing to do with operational progressions. Rather, it is about securing a profit with a theoretical consideration and betting on a total of 10 numbers.

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